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🚨2020 End of Semester Exam Schedule🚨

2020 Fall Semester Exam Schedule

  • Our Fall final exam testing schedule will begin on Monday, December 14th.
  • All semester exams will be completed by Friday December 18th.
  • This day will also be an early release ending at 1:00pm

We will follow our normal bell schedule and take our exams on their assigned day. Please keep in mind the following information:
• Semester exams are 10% of semester average, High School exams are 15%
• There are NO early exams given
• Zeros will be given for ALL missed exams
• Make-up exams will be given ONLY before or after school the week of January 11 – 15.  Arrangements must be made with the teacher.

Exam Schedule

Monday, December 14th

Silver 2nd Block EXAM

Silver 4th Block EXAM

Tuesday, December 15th

Maroon 2nd Block EXAM

Maroon 4th Block EXAM

Wednesday, December 16th

Silver 1st Block EXAM

Silver 3rd Block EXAM

Thursday, December 17th

Maroon 1st Block EXAM

Maroon 3rd Block EXAM