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The Silver Stars Drill Team

News, schedules and other important Drill Team information

Training Room Copy of Travel Card – To be completed by parents/guardians

March 5, 2021

Print out, fill in and submit permit travel_treatment card 2021pdf

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Medical Release for Try-Outs (For cheerleading and drill team use only.)

March 5, 2021

Print out, fill in and submit Drill TeamTryout-Waiver 2021pdf

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This MEDICAL HISTORY FORM must be completed annually by parent (or guardian) and student

March 5, 2021

Please print, complete and submit this required form Pre-Participation-Physical-Form 2021pdf

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PARENTS: Silver Stars Tryout and Tryout Clinic Information

March 3, 2021

Silver Stars Tryout Clinic @ SJH  – March 29th  and March 30th ( Mock try-outs on 3/30/21) Silver Stars Official...

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Silver Stars Tryout Information

March 1, 2021

Silver Stars COVID-Check in To ensure the health and safety of all students, parents and staff and in accordance with...

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Silver Stars Dance Team Spring Fundraiser

February 10, 2021

Follow the link and support our Silver Stars Dance Team: FANCLOTH.SHOP/9ZTLY

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News, schedules and other important Drill Team information
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The Silver Stars Dance Team is a cooperative student group of dancers/athletes who strive to promote the vision of Stockton Jr High. The goal is to promote school spirit and involvement, teamwork, dedication, strong work ethic and respect. The mission of the Silver Stars Dance Team is to provide dancers with a successful and meaningful educational experience. Team members have personal goals of high academic achievement, increasing their dance ability, learning effective time management, forming strong friendships, and learning to become a valuable team member.

Drill Team Director: Shauntelle Jones

Student Expectations: In order to have a fun year; we have to be fun people. The season is in your hands. We all have to work hard to contribute in the best way we can to this team. Always strive to improve your outlook and attitude. Work on coming to practice with a smile on your face. Bad moods should be left outside of practice, as your moods can sometimes be contagious. 

SOCIAL MEDIA INTERNET SITES: Please be mindful of anything you post on a public internet site (ex. facebook , twitter, snapchat, instagram, etc.) These Are public and for the safety of the team members, we request you to think about what you post. Remember the “Grandma Rule”. Also, we as coaches need you to not request or follow us on social media… we will be happy to connect with you after graduation.

Student dress code: Practice and field wear will be sent out weekly, and on our monthly calendar. Proper attire should be worn during all practice and performances. Makeup and correct undergarments are also to be worn at all times during performances. All dancers are required to have the correct shoes for class. Shoes should be clean and not worn outside. Street shoes are not permitted on the dance floors. Practice and field attire are not to be worn outside of drill team school approved events. 

Practice Times: Practices will be held during dance class. Additional dance practice will be required before or after school, and sometimes on Saturdays during competition season. 

Other Information: We are a team, and we dance as ONE TEAM. We build up our team, and our student body. We are to help our community, and maintain a positive attitude at all times. Our drill team director, and out team of officers are always here to help.

Coaching Staff